About Brain Diversity

Brain Diversity Project

The goal of the Brain Diversity Project is to create a blog that talks about the lives, the struggles and the strengths of people who are neurodiverse. We hope to include people with autism, dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities and any other forms of brain diversity out there.  As we progress we would love to create webinars, and blog posts written by neurodiverse people and professionals. We hope that the outcome of the project will bring awareness about a different perspective of the neurodiverse world. Different – not less.

About the Writer

I am a neurodiverse person with what the “system” would describe as “ADHD-PI” with an “auditory processing disorder”. Although, I feel the new “concentration deficit disorder” (sluggish cognitive tempo) to be more consistent. In the neurodiverse community I would be considered as a visual-spatial learner. By day I work as a modern behavior therapist who teaches amazing children and adults who are on the autism spectrum. I hope to one day bring a neurodiverse perspective to the field of applied behavior analysis and education in an ethical manner to guide neurodiverse people reach their full and unique potential.


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